Specs & Ad Submission

  • Trim size: 8.375″ w x 10.875″h;
  • Live area: 7.875″ w x 10.375″ h
  • High resolution PDF, EPS or JPG files accepted.
  • Adobe CS5 with art/fonts are also accepted.

PlacementPrice (US)

Back cover (8.5”w x 11”h) $2,365
Inside back cover (8.5”w x 11”h) $2,100
Inside front cover (8.5”w x 11”h) $2,100
Full page (bleed: 8.5”w x 11”h; no bleed: 7”w x 9.5”h) $1,680
2⁄3 page vertical (4.63”w x 9.5”h) $1,100
1/2 page vertical (4.63”w x 6.875”h) $945
1/2 page horizontal (7”w x 4.5”h) $840
1⁄3 page vertical (2.2”w x 9.5”h) $620
1⁄3 page square (4.63”w x 4.5”h) $620
1/4 page horizontal (4.63”w x 3.25”h) $510
1⁄6 page vertical (2.2”w x 4.5”h) $415
1⁄6 page horizontal (4.63”w x 2.2”h) $415


International Metric Specifications

  • Trim Size: 209w x 273h mm
  • Live Area: 197w x 260h mm
  • Pricing for Single-issue Placements (All Sizes in Millimeters)

PlacementSize (mm)Price

Back Cover 216w x 279h  $2,365
Inside Front Cover 216w x 279h  $2,100
Inside Back Cover 216w x 279h  $2,100
Full Page Bleed 216w x 279h  $1,680
Full Page No Bleed 178w x 241h  $1,680
2/3 Page Vertical 118w x 241h  $1,100
1/2 Page Vertical 118w x 175h  $945
1/2 Page Horizontal 178w x 114h  $840
1/3 Page Vertical 56w x 241  $620
1/3 Page Square  118w x 114h  $620
1/4 Page Horizontal  118w x 83h  $510
1/6 Page Vertical  56w x 114h  $415
1/6 Page Horizontal  118w x 56h  $415


Artwork Delivery

  • If your file is under 5 MB, please send to advertising@brewersassociation.org.
  • If over 5 MB, please upload the artwork to our FTP site, as well as send a confirmation by email that the artwork has been uploaded. Please compress your files before posting and name in the following convention:



username: adv-share

password: Barley123