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The AHA Member Deals program was created to promote companies that offer discounts to American Homebrewers Association (AHA) members, thus creating a national loyalty program within our organization.  It’s a great way to engage one of the most active and loyal groups of craft beer consumers – the homebrewers!  To participate, your business will simply offer a discount on your product or service for 43,000+ AHA members. To help promote this offer, we will send a dedicated email to all AHA members with an option to send to our full database of 90,000 homebrewing enthusiasts.  We will also include your company and offer in the Member Deals listing on


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Example email

We look forward to working with you!

Kari Harrington

Business Development Manager for Advertising & Sponsorship (West)

303.447.0816 x167 | Email Kari

Kevin Doidge

Business Development Manager for Advertising & Sponsorship (East)

303.447.0816 x139 | Email Kevin