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Sponsored Content opportunities reinforce your company as an expert and provide valuable homebrewing information to readers.  Sponsored Content differs from other advertising opportunities as its educational nature provides the reader with insight into an issue, solution to a problem and/or information to help them improve as a homebrewer.

Reinforce your company as a subject matter expert and provide valuable information to readers of HomebrewersAssociation.org by running Sponsored Content.  Homepage placement with an image about your article and a link to an educational story, report, blog post, etc.  Each sponsored content item will run for 30 days.


We require two separate headlines and two sets of images that will be rotated throughout the 30 day period in which the content runs. Please keep post lengths under 1,000 words and provide the following static image sizes: 

  • 1040 pixels w x 600 pixels h
  • 668 pixels w x 440 pixels h
  • 1200 pixels w x 628 pixels h


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We look forward to working with you!

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Business Development Manager for Advertising & Sponsorship (East)

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