AHA Learn to Homebrew Day Event

Learn How To Homebrew w/ Coastal Empire Beer Company

Learn to Homebrew Event at Coastal Empire. Come join the Savannah Brewers League as we brew with different equipment and styles of beer. Come ask questions, get tips, anything you want to know about brewing beer, cider, or mead. We\'ll be there and look forward to seeing you there as well. Savannah Brewers League will have multiple brewers brewing beer/cider/mead at Coastal Empire Beer Company. This event will help show the public what goes into their beer by getting them involved in the process. All experience levels (non-brewer to Professional) are welcome to attend. From grain to glass come see some brewing magic by our home brewers and Coastal Empires brewers as we collaborate on this AHA nation wide event. https://www.savannahbrewers.com/ https://www.savannahbrewers.com/event/learn-how-to-brew-day/ https://www.facebook.com/events/516191712239528/

Event Details

  • Contact Name : President
  • Location : 79 Ross Road Savannah, GA
  • Visit Web Site
  • Gallons Brewed : 35
  • Batches : 5
  • Participants : 30
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