AHA Learn to Homebrew Day Event

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Music City Brewers Learn to Brew

The 2018 MidSouth Brewing Series Champ will be covering any and all questions regarding recipe design, brewing, packaging, cleaning, and even get into how to successfully judge your own beer. We will be brewing on a 1.5bbl electric system, making 30 gallons of an American Porter. It is suggested to bring a snack and something to take notes. Brewers of all levels will learn something at this event. I currently have about 20 gallons of the wort spoken for, so if you are interested please contact me, Joseph Nance, ASAP. Please arrive by 8am to learn about water chemistry and help mill some grain. The Base Grain will already be milled, but 15-20lbs of grain will still need to be milled.

Event Details

  • Contact Name : Joseph Nance
  • Location : 1628 SHADY CIR LEBANON, TN
  • Visit Web Site
  • Gallons Brewed : 30
  • Batches : 1
  • Participants : 15
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