Rad Brew Dads: Cutting Time, Improving Quality, and Competing at a High Level

Homebrewers share a common predicament: limited time. The simple process that initially captivated us can begin to feel like a chore after we take up more advanced brewing techniques, and many give up the hobby after having a family. These two brew dads did the opposite. They embraced both and found the key to brewing exceptional beer without sacrificing family time. Join Jake and Jeremy for this enlightening discussion about brewing simply, winning competitions, and making time for the other good things in life.

Jake’s recipe for One Hour Kettle Sour Gose┬ácan be found on the F.H. Steinbart website.

About our speakers

Jake Freshour

Jake Freshour began homebrewing eight years ago while in the military. With a background in engineering and helicopter pilot instruction, he was quickly hooked by the technical aspects of brewing. After nearly burning out …

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