Sharing Beer Is Just the Beginning: Homebrew Club Activities

In many ways, homebrew clubs form the foundation of the hobby’s popularity around the county. Although many clubs meet regularly to share homebrewed beer and experience the camaraderie that is common among homebrewers, many clubs also engage in regular events that go beyond the monthly meeting. In this installment of Zymurgy Live, current club vice president Steve Thanos details the events and activities that members of the Plainfield Ale and Lager Enthusiasts (PALE) are involved in. Whether you hold a leadership position in your homebrew club or are just interested in learning more about how homebrew clubs operate, we invite you to tune in to be inspired!

For more homebrew club resources, check out the Club Connection page on the AHA website.

About Steve Thanos

Steve Thanos is a husband, father, Boston terrier owner, teacher, avid homebrewer, and homebrew blogger. He has been brewing since 2013, when he was in grad school. Steve is currently the vice president for his homebrew club, Plainfield Ale and Lager Enthusiasts (PALE). He is interested in brewing all types of beer, from IPAs and barrel-aged imperial stouts to sours and Pilsners. He doesn’t shy away from brewing with crazy ingredients such as mushrooms and fresh spruce tips. As Steve’s wife can confirm, he is full-on obsessed with homebrewing.


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