Terpenes, Esters, Fruits, Herbs and Vegetables: Brewing Eclectic IPAs

Zymurgy Live speaker & Brewing Eclectic IPA author, Dick Cantwell

Brewers these days are adding all sorts of things to their IPAs – fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and sour treatments – to enhance and play off of the constituent flavors of hops and fermentation. Come listen in as craft beer industry vet Dick Cantwell discusses the history and technical brewing practices of brewing eclectic IPAs.

Find out more on this topic in Cantwell’s book,¬†Brewing Eclectic IPA¬†from Brewers Publications.

About Dick Cantwell

Dick Cantwell is a pioneering craft brewer in the Pacific Northwest, recently transplanted to San Francisco. He has published articles and books (Barley Wine, Wood & Beer, The Brewers Association Guide to Starting Your Own Brewery) and three times was awarded Large Brewmaster of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival. He is also a Russell Schehrer Award honoree.

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