5 Recipes for Repurposing Spent Grain

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spent grain dog treats

By Duncan Bryant & Rachel Staats, American Homebrewers Association

The do-it-yourself process doesn’t have to end when your brew day wraps up!

Spent grain is a brewing byproduct—grain that was used to make beer and is no longer needed after mashing or steeping. While it’s easy to throw it away, there are actually quite a few things you can do with spent grain, from composting to baking.

We’ve compiled 5 recipes that use spent grain so you can reduce waste and put it to good use!

1. Peanut Butter Banana Spent Grain Dog Treats

Our pups are often right by our sides on brew day, but they don’t get the joy of drinking a beer after all that hard work. Luckily, you can repurpose leftover brewing grains into dog treats. Don’t forget: never feed your dog any sort of hops!

2. No-Knead Spent Grain Pizza Dough

You’re relaxing after your brew day. What could be better than a hot slice of pizza and a cold homebrew? How about pizza made with some of the grains from your brew!

3. Spent Grain Latkes & Avocado Cream Paired With English-style Bitter

There’s nothing quite like a crispy potato latke! Learn how to incorporate spent grains into your next batch of latkes and pair with this perfect English-style bitter beer—homebrew recipe included!

4. Brewer’s Bread

When the mash and boil are finished and your wort is happily mixing with yeast in the fermenter, whip up some brewer’s bread with your leftover spent grain!

5. How to Make Spent Grain Flour

If you want to save spent grain for baking later, making spent grain flour is a great way to prepare it for storage. Simply substitute in some spent grain flour in your favorite recipes that call for traditional flour!