5 Videos Going Beyond Beer Fermentation

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For many of us, discovering how to make beer at home inspired us to look for other intriguing projects that involve fermentation. From usual suspects like mead and cider to fermented foods like kimchi, homebrewers are successful in transferring their knowledge of beer fermentation to other delicious projects.

The following five videos are recordings from past Homebrew Con conferences, and only scratch the surface of our beyond beer and alternative fermentation videos you can instantly access!

1. Using Homebrewing Equipment to Make Cider and Wine

if you have the gear to make beer at home, you’re just about set to whip up a batch of cider or wine! Lorena Evans–a seasoned home-fermenter who finds inspiration through foraging and exploring intriguing ingredients–shows just how simple it is to make ciders and other wines using the equipment you already have to make beer.

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2. Mead from 70 to 1750 CE: Inspirations and Lessons from 2,000 Recipes

Mead is said to be one of the oldest fermented beverages known to historians. Follow along with Lauren Angotti–a biological and chemical engineer with an affinity for history–who created a proprietary catalog of 2,000+ mead recipes from primary sources. Discover ingredients, methods, and styles for historical meads brewed before 1750. If you’re a fermenter and a history buff, this is a must-see.

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3. Kimchi Making for the Homebrewer

Roxanne Westendorf–AHA Governing Committee member and fermented foods enthusiast–is joined by Moerlein Lager House Chef Miguel Richards to show you just how easy (and delicious) it is to make kimchi at home. Many of the principles and tips regarding kimchi can also be applied to your other fermented food endeavors.

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4. Oaking Levels in Traditional Mead

Susan Ruud is an award-winning mead maker and owner of Prairie Rose Meadery in Fargo, North Dakota. In this video, Susan demonstrates how aging traditional mead on oak can drastically change its flavor and perceived sweetness. Tune in to learn how to take your meads to new levels with wood-aging.

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5. Brewing Nonalcoholic Beer

While NA beers is of course beer, we included it on this list since it uses processes and ingredients that go beyond traditional beer making. Follow along with Kara Taylor–White Labs Head of Laboratory Innovation–as she shows us how to ferment low and non-alcohol beers at home without alcohol-removing equipment.

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