Vincent Rokke

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Vincent Rokke is a Chiropractor from Fargo, ND and is a member of the Prairie Homebrewing Companions.  He became interested in homebrewing when his brother-in-law, Todd Folkestad, would bring his homebrewed beer to the family Christmas events.  The beers were tasty and different from anything that Vince had had before. 

Through the encouragement of a patient of his, Vince purchased an equipment kit from Northern Brewer in St. Paul, MN and brewed his first extract beer, an Irish Red Ale in August 1999.  He attended his first Prairie Homebrewing Companions meeting in September 1999 after brewing about 10 extract brews.  After taking a BJCP class in 2000, Vince decided to go all-grain.  It took him about a year to build his three-tier system.  In March of 2001 Vince brewed his first all-grain beer, a Wit which placed 2nd in the AHA Club Only Competition that summer.  He moved to a new home during the Fall of 2001 and changed his system to a two-tier setup with a pump.

At the AHA Homebrewers Conference in Chicago 2003 Vince had his first taste of Amarillo hops.  He fell in love with this variety of hops and decided to make an American Pale Ale using only Amarillo hops and began work on a recipe.  Vince brewed his APA five times over the next two years tweaking the recipe based on input he received from BJCP judging sheets. The fifth brewing of this beer placed first at the 2005 Homebrewers Conference in Baltimore.

Vince enjoys obtaining beer engines, breaking them down into individual parts, cleaning them up and replacing any worn or broken parts.  He has owned a total of eight beer engines (at most six at any one time) and is down to three currently.  He has gotten many of his local club members interested in serving Real Ale and there are now about a dozen beer engines in the Fargo area.

Vince has now brewed about 75 all-grain beers.  He has served the Prairie Homebrewing Companions as Secretary and as Holiday Party coordinator and has become the official lanyard maker for the medals for the Hoppy Halloween Challenge.  He has attended two National Homebrewers Conferences and is looking forward to the conference this year in Minneapolis.

Thanks for all you contribute to homebrewing, Vince!