AHA Rally Planning Guide

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AHA Rallies are open-house style events at BA-member breweries for the local homebrewing community. These events are only open to card-carrying American Homebrewers Association members. Non-AHA members can sign up for discounted memberships at the door to the Rally, and designated drivers can attend for free.

Why host an AHA Rally?

This is your opportunity to showcase your support of the local homebrewing community! Homebrewers are your brewery’s quintessential audience, and are credited with much of the momentum behind today’s craft beer revolution. These are the folks who will be your most adamant supporters. If you treat them well- they will most certainly return the favor.

How many people should we expect?

This is difficult to tell until we get closer to the event. Once a date is set, the AHA hosts a page for your Rally on the AHA website. This is where all promotional links will lead and all of the information about the Rally will be listed. The page will include an RSVP form that we will use to keep track of expected attendance.

What is expected of my brewery?

  • Standard AHA Rallies typically include:
    • Beer samples: complimentary 2 pints per person is suggested
    • Brewery tours led by a brewer
    • Raffle prize donations (8–10 items of your choice)
  • Additional suggestions (not required, but encouraged)
    • Brewpubs/restaurants: complimentary appetizers
    • Production breweries: food trucks on-site
    • Gifts for attendees (pint glasses, koozies, bottle openers, etc.)
    • Premium gifts for volunteers (bomber bottle, 6-pack, growler, etc.)
    • Homebrew sharing (if legal in your state)
    • A featured Rally theme (additional details below)

Rally themes

Each AHA Rally is a unique experience, and we try to add something to make each one different. There are a lot of awesome features that we have done in the past to make each AHA Rally unique. Adding a theme to your Rally will generate excitement among the homebrewers, and grab the attention of the media. Below are some examples of Rally themes:

Marketing an AHA Rally

The goal of a Rally is to strengthen the ties between craft brewers and their local homebrewers, while growing membership in the AHA. By offering to host a Rally, you will receive free marketing and advertising on all of our web and printed properties for your efforts, recognition through our network of more than 46,000 contacts nationwide, and the opportunity to bring new clientele into your establishment.

Once we set a date and time for the Rally, we will use this Marketing Timeline to coordinate the efforts outlined below to spread the word about the Rally!

Click to enlarge

Engaging the local homebrew community

During every AHA Rally, we also like to invite local homebrew supply shops and clubs to set up booths to promote themselves and gain new members and customers. They are responsible for providing their own supplies (tables, chairs, banner, etc.). All that we require of the host brewery is that you have a designated area where these shops and clubs can set up their booths.

AHA membership verification

We largely rely on volunteers to run these Rallies, but if possible, we will send an AHA/BA staff member to the Rally. We will organize a team of AHA-member volunteers to run the check-in station and handle membership payments. A box of materials for membership check-in will arrive the week of the event. We’ll need an area to operate check-in at the entrance to the event, usually two or three 6-foot (2-meter) tables or some open counter space.

AHA Rally membership form

Sounds great! What’s next?

We need to set a date! If hosting an AHA Rally sounds like a great opportunity for your brewery, then the next step is to set a date and time for the Rally. It helps to avoid other large beer-focused events in the area.

To set up an AHA Rally at your brewery, or to ask questions about the Rally program not answered here or in our AHA Rally FAQ page, please contact the American Homebrewers Association.