Jason Camerlengo

Home Town (City, State): Sharon, Pennsylvania Homebrew Club: Thinking about starting my own. Nothing around here! I’ve been a homebrewer since: January 2009 Do you have a homebrewing disaster you’d like to share? Oh Lots! My false bottom came disconnected once right at the … Read More

Josh Brengle

Name: Josh Brengle When did you know this was no ordinary hobby, it was an obsession?I probably realized how passionate I was about homebrewing sometime after jumping into all grain.  I wasn’t just mixing ingredients anymore.  I was making decisions that … Read More

David Motter

Name:  David Motter From: Edelstein, IL When did you start brewing/What got you brewing? I started to drink craft beer around 2004 at a local Old Chicago.  The first homebrew I ever tried was a brown ale from my co-worker, Josh Dressel in … Read More

Kent Shultz

Name: Kent Shultz When did you start brewing/What got you brewing? I started brewing in January 2009 while finishing college in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had just begun to appreciate craft beer and thought it would be fun to try making some of … Read More

Ben Wilder

Who are you?Ben Wilder Home Town (City, State): Colorado Springs, Colorado When did you start brewing? October 2010 What got you brewing? I’ve always been a “beer snob,” and as a gift, my lady got me a starter kit. I had … Read More

Dave Dixon

Name: Dave Dixon “Dave’s Dreaded” Websites: Double D’s Homebrewery Dave’s Dreaded TV When did you start brewing? December 1996 after I received a homebrew kit from my mom and dad for Christmas. What got you into brewing? I was on a flight back from Long Beach, CA. … Read More

Lennie Rosenkrans

Who Are You: Leonard A. Rosenkrans, aka tom sawyer on the forums. You can call me Lennie. Home Town (City, State): Hannibal, MO. Where else would tom sawyer reside? Of course he might have relocated to Cleveland as he moved … Read More

Scott Neel Bennett

Name: Scott Neel Bennett When did you start brewing? On my own in December of 2010, prior to that I had done 2 brew on premise batches at BrewBakers in Huntington Beach; one in 2007 and the other in 2008. What got you … Read More

Robert Salgado

When did you start brewing?November 2009 What got you brewing?General curiosity and the challenge. When did you know this was no ordinary hobby, it was an obsession?The first time I woke up at 6am on a Saturday morning to start brewing. When did … Read More

Lorena Evans

When did you start brewing?I’m really not sure of the date, but I bought a Beer Machine 2000 and tried a few of their kits. I was unsuccessful (if a simple drinkable beer is success!) and I thought brewing at … Read More

Brandon Clark

Name: Brandon Clark (a.k.a. HopMan) When did you start brewing? April 2007 What got you brewing? I’ve always loved beer and after seeing a Sam Adams commercial where the employees were brewing on the stove, I said to my ex-wife, “I can do that.” A … Read More

Paul Wicksteed

When did you know this was no ordinary hobby, it was an obsession? When my lovely wife said “Do you know this is not a hobby anymore, it is now your obsession!” that was the first hint. Then my 5 year … Read More

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