Barry Benoit

Name:  Barry J Benoit (a.k.a. Weaze) When did you start brewing? September of 2007 What got you brewing? I’ve wanted to brew for as long as I can remember. I talked about it for years, and for out 10th anniversary, my wife bought me a … Read More

Dan Martich

When did you start brewing? I started brewing in the fall of 1998 What got you brewing? Curiosity.  I heard that making beer at home was a possibility.  I shared that information with my friend Emad.  When he returned from a vacation trip … Read More

Tristan Laszweski

Let us introduce Tristan Laszweski. Tristan has been brewing for 9 years now and is extremely enthusiastic about his brews. Like many homebrewers, he started out with his first kit and got hooked. Now, years later he finds himself striving … Read More

Matt Green

Matt Green New Orleans, Louisiana I’ve been a homebrewer since: March 2007 Why did you join the AHA? To expand my brewing knowledge, get pub discounts and to attend rallies (Saint Arnold’s on Feb. 27th).  Also, to have a community of fellow brewers at my … Read More

Alex Green

What got you into brewing? My little brother started homebrewing before I did.  When I’d help him out, I realized that he was fairly lax on procedures and recipes, yet still made a decent tasting beer.  I figured that if I … Read More

Lonnie Mac

What got you brewing? When did you know this was no ordinary hobby, it was an obsession? Well this is a good question. Everyone knows that die-hard Virgos do not have hobbies; we go straight for the obsession part. Predominately I … Read More

Ric Cunningham

This week we bring you homebrewer Ric Cunningham a Colorado transplant from Niagra Falls, New York. What got you brewing? On my last deployment while serving in the Navy one of my watch team members was a brewer and loved to talk … Read More

Dr. Samuel Helms

This is Dr. Samuel Helms (aka Astrivian in the Forum) from Denver, CO. What Got you Brewing? I am still pretty new to homebrewing: I am about 1.5 years into the hobby with about a dozen brews under my belt. I only … Read More

Bobby Mierzejwski

What got you brewing? I’m just now starting to ramp up my personal brewing after my typical summer hiatus. Most brewers agree that it’s a pain to brew during the summer when the tap water we use for chilling the wort … Read More

Jeff and Susan Rankert

Home Town (City, State): Milford, Michigan What got you brewing? Several guys at work were trying it, and I thought I would too. That was October, 1992. I am still at it, and they no longer brew. Susan got started … Read More

Jeff Fuller

Jeff Fuller began brewing in the late 1990s, brewing extract and extract with grain batches. He brewed for a couple of years, perfecting a few recipes and keeping copious notes. Life eventually got in the way and … Read More

Darin Oman

What got you brewing? I think there were a few factors that got me brewing. I always enjoyed cooking and baking, so when I heard about this place in St. Paul where you can buy the parts to brew your … Read More

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