Club of the Week: Fermentologists

Founded: September 20, 2012 Membership: 38 Location: Centennial, CO Email: Social Media: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Motto: SCIENCE! (unofficial, but we say it a lot) Membership Dues: $50 per year How We Got Started Once upon a time there were…okay, it didn’t start like that. However, the origins of … Read More

Maltose Falcons

Founded: 1974 Membership: ~300 Location: Woodland Hills, CA Email: Website: Club Motto: Sans Couth Membership Dues $30/year $360/lifetime How We Got Started The Falcons were founded during the dark ages of the homebrewing world as a misfit pirate band of outlaw brewers. Ok, not really, but the hobby was … Read More

Macclesfield Homebrew Club

Homebrewing has been legal in the United Kingdom since 1963—16 years before the United States. So, why is the UK behind the US on the homebrewing and craft beer scene? It’s been legal for a longer period of time, and, unlike … Read More

Portland Mashing Maineiacs

Founded: Fall of 2007 in South Portland, Maine Membership: 22 active members as of 2/14 Location: Greater Portland, Maine Email: Website/Social Media: Who We Are We are a group of beer and brewing enthusiasts who meet on a monthly basis at one of our member’s homes to share homebrew … Read More

NAC Brew Club

Founded: July 16, 2011 Membership:  40± Location: Nacogdoches, Texas Email: Website: Club Motto: Come and Drink It! Membership Dues: $25 for six months and $50 for a year Who we are and how we got started/why we got started: We are a fun, friendly group of folks … Read More

Carolina BrewMasters

Name: Carolina BrewMasters Founded: 1983 Membership: 200+ Location: Charlotte, NC Website/Social Media: Membership Dues: $25 for individuals, $40 for couples Who we are and how we got started/why we got started: The Carolina BrewMasters is a non-profit club based in Charlotte, N.C., who came together in 1983 … Read More

Meisters of the Brewniverse

Name: Meisters of the Brewniverse Founded: 2009Membership: ~25Location: Orange County, Calif.Mailing Address: 37 Vistamar, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677Email:, or (preferred) message us on FacebookWebsite/Social Media:, FacebookMembership Dues: $25 per year Who we are and how we got started/why … Read More

Auburn Brew Club

Name: Auburn Brew ClubFounded: May 2007Membership: 20Location: Auburn/OpelikaEmail: info@auburnbrewclub.orgWebsite: www.auburnbrewclub.orgClub Motto: Who moved away this month?Membership Dues: $0 Who we are and how/why we got started: There have always been homebrewers in the Auburn-Opelika area. But until mid-2007, there hadn’t been a … Read More

Emerald City Homebrewers

Name: Emerald City HomebrewersFounded: 2011Membership: 10Location: Seattle and surrounding areaEmail: emeraldcityhomebrewers@gmail.comWebsite: EmeraldCityHomebrewers.orgClub Motto: Carpe Beerum!Membership Dues: $20year Who we are and how we got started/why we got started: There was a fateful evening a couple summers ago, when at an AHA Rally … Read More

Liquid Poets Society

Name:  Liquid Poets SocietyFounded:  2006Membership: ~150 membersLocation:  Fort Collins / Northern ColoradoEmail:  president@liquidpoets.comWebsite/Social Media: Dues:  $20/year individual, $25/year family Who we are and how/why we got started: We are a dedicated group of homebrewers living, working and brewing in Northern … Read More

Hop Bombshells

Name: The Hop BombshellsFounded: April 2012Membership: Founding members: Jamie Burnham, Tiffany Steele, Jess Holzbauer, Becky Nix, Emily Park, Holly Russell, Rose Flato and Brittany Nelson. Club is open to any lady wanting to learn or is an active brewer.Location: Salt … Read More

Delta Brews

Name: Delta BrewsFounded: March 2012Location: Vicksburg, MississippiMailing address: 4490 Chichester Road, Edwards, MS 39066Email: deltabrewsms@gmail.comFacebook / Twitter (@DeltaBrewsMS)Membership: Six founding presidents (Sandy Brasfield, Nathan Harms, Gary Haygood, Erynn Maynord, Sean Murphy and Ryan Pickett) and about 15 more members we would consider regulars.Club Motto: Enjoy the … Read More

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