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10 Lager Recipes You Can Brew at Home

Lager beer stretches far beyond what comes in 30-can cases at your local package store. The cold-fermenting family of beers covers an array of flavors and is as diverse as its warmer-fermenting sibling, ale. We’ve compiled 10 lager recipes, from award-winning … Read More

The Impact of Increased Headspace During Fermentation

This homebrew experiment was originally published on Significant results from recent xBmts comparing different types of fermentation vessels have left many scratching their heads in bemusement and hypothesizing possible explanations. Some have posited the perceivable differences between beers fermented in different vessels is a … Read More

How to Brew Russian Kvass

The beauty of folk beer styles is the degree of variation they can take from one brewer to the next. Recipes are dictated by what grows locally and what is in season, making for a beer that reflects the true … Read More

Fringe Brewing in Thailand

This article is the online extra from the May/June 2018 issue of Zymurgy magazine. “You spent how many days in jail!?”, I keenly gasp. “Two days,” boasts Taopiphop, a tall, youthful Thai in his mid-twenties. This seems excessive in my mind for a 10-gallon … Read More

5 Fruit Beer Recipes to Brew at Home

Brewing fruit beer is a great way to incorporate local ingredients into your next homebrew recipe and open up a whole new realm of flavors. We’ve compiled 5 homebrew recipes to show the array of possibilities for your next fruit … Read More

Enzymes in Beer: What’s Happening In the Mash

As homebrewers, we’re usually never satisfied until we know how things work. We constantly ask why and how something is done until we understand the basic concept. When you start brewing all-grain, you hit a certain temperature to hit a … Read More

A Crash Course in Beer Recipe Design

Do you want to create your own homebrew recipes but don’t know where to get started? Here’s a short course in how to research, design, and brew your very first beer recipe. Start with What You Already Know The first step in … Read More

How to Harvest and Culture Commercial Yeast for Homebrewers

Beer does not make itself properly by itself. It takes an element of mystery and of things that no one can understand. – Fritz Maytag, Anchor Brewing Co. As a homebrewer, I remember first learning just how critical yeast is to homebrewing—sometimes … Read More

The Anatomy of a Beer Faucet

Whether you own a kegerator, are building a home draft system, or simply want to know what’s going on behind the scenes when the bartender pulls a pint of your favorite IPA, it’s nice to understand how beer gets into … Read More

How to Remove Beer Bottle Labels

Want a taste of the good life? Start your 30-day free trial and experience American Homebrewers Association membership! By Duncan Bryant, American Homebrewers Association Bottling homebrew is a great way to store and share your homemade beer, and the best part is … Read More

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