Crafting a Uniquely South African Homebrew

It is easy enough these days to order the highest quality ingredients from every corner of the world and have them at your doorstep in a matter of days. So, what’s the attraction of brewing with ingredients available in your … Read More

Earth Day Tips to Green Your Homebrew System

Homebrewers and environmentalists have long been considered kindred spirits. Taking care of the environment and brewing the perfect beer go hand in hand, and with increasing attention to sustainable practices, greening your system is now more important than ever. There are … Read More

Perla Negra: Chilean Black Pearl Barley

As a brewing ingredient, pearl barley is relatively new to both the craft beer and homebrew industries, but it has long been a traditional food source for areas of South America because of its rich nutritional value. Because pearl barley … Read More

What’s Kraken?

You might not think homebrew, bike mechanics and mythical beasts have anything in common, but to James Kunz, these three things are part of everyday life. Colorado native and Denver-based bike mechanic, Kunz recently earned the opportunity to brew his … Read More

Romance By the Glass

Valentine’s Day is a time to lavishly express affection for your significant other. Whimsical cards, over-sized teddy bears and heart-shaped everything are exchanged as tokens of love, while sipping champagne or wine over a romantic evening. All of this is … Read More

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Papazian

Pumpkin beers have been steadily moving up in the ranks of many beer enthusiast’s favorite fall styles.  At the 2010 Great American Beer Festival, all three of the medal winners out of 28 entries in the Field Category were pumpkin … Read More

The Art of Blending Beer

by Ted Hausotter Blending actually has many advantages, including fixing beers that just didn’t come out right. It can breathe new life into old ales or barleywines. What about those almost-empty kegs you have hanging around? Blend them together! Blending has been … Read More

Waxing Homebrew for Gifts

Waxing your beer or mead can provide a beautiful touch to the finished package and helps age styles that do well after sitting, forgotten, in your barchives or cellar. If you’re planning to give beer or mead to your loved … Read More

How to All-Grain Batch Sparge

All-grain brewing is the process of making beer from actual grains. Batch sparging is a popular all-grain brewing technique that is cheap and easy to do at home. For more information on all-grain brewing, head over to the Let’s Brew section … Read More

How to Brew in a Bag

Brew in a bag (BIAB) is an all-grain brewing technique that requires minimal equipment. This is a great option for all-grain homebrewers on a budget, brewing in small spaces, or just trying to keep things simple. Visit the Let’s Brew section … Read More

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