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Brut IPA Style Description 1.0

Zymurgy associate editor Amahl Turczyn developed this brut IPA style description for the Commercial Calibration section of the Mar/Apr 2019 issue of Zymurgy. It has not been endorsed by the BJCP or the Brewers Association for competition purposes, but homebrewers who… Read More

Esters vs. Phenols in Beer

Esters vs. Phenols in Beer

When perceiving certain aromas of beer, you may hear people refer to “esters” and “phenols.” These terms are often times used incorrectly or interchangeably. The fact of the matter is, esters and phenols are quite different, though they can be… Read More

2018 National Homebrew Competition Gold Medal Recipes

Browse through the 2018 National Homebrew Competition gold medal homebrew recipes. The National Homebrew Competition is the biggest beer competition in the world. And we're not just talking the biggest homebrew competition. It reigns supreme among all professional and amateur… Read More

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