Top 5 DIY Projects on

If you are looking for your next homebrew DIY project to help improve the process of making beer at home, then browse through the top 5 homebrew projects of 2015! Be sure to check out the rest of our Pimp My System posts … Read More

Homebrew Gadgets to Improve Your Brewing

Homebrewers are a resourceful bunch, and we’re always finding creative ways to simplify the brewing process and ultimately improve the quality of our homemade beers. The following DIY homebrew gadgets were submitted by homebrewers and AHA members like you! Be sure to … Read More

DIY Trash Can Kegerator

Josh Becker, an Illinois-based homebrewer, has created a unique tradition with his brother and best friend. The three share birthdays within weeks of each other, and every year they threw a Birthday Trifecta bash, and, of course, there is homebrew. Becker … Read More

Peltier Cooler Conical System

Good fermentation and happy yeast often comes down to temperature. Too cold and the yeast goes dormant, too hot and they indulge in an orgy of fermentation that’s difficult to fix. You could submerge it in cold water and periodically … Read More

Dan Hoffman’s Swamp Bar & Brewery

Based on Dan Hoffman’s professional life as a world-renowned security expert, author of two security books and currently the chief technology officer for, you wouldn’t take him as an avid (this is probably an understatement) homebrewer and AHA member. When … Read More

Mike’s HopHouse Brewery & Taproom

In 1995, Michael Smith visited a newly opened brewpub in Bellingham, Wa., where he tasted his first India pale ale. Smith was bitten by the beer bug, but locally brewed, flavorful beer was hard to come by in his home … Read More

Build Your Own Grain Mill

Henry Neilson, an engineering grad student with a knack for DIY projects and an enthusiasm to get others homebrewing, shared his custom grain mill with us. Check it! Inspiration After brewing all-grain batches for quite some time, it was frustrating to buy … Read More

How to Build a HERMS Lid

Many homebrewers desire a brew system that does it all. We want more control over temperature, efficiency and the consistency of our brews. One solution is a HERMS system (Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System) – an advanced set up that requires some level of … Read More

How to Build a Keezer

Imagine having a personalized bar at home complete with draft system, LED lights, a chalk board, stained wood and a tiled counter top. People will be begging to come to your house not just because you make great beer, but you offer an experience few … Read More

How to Build a Hopback

Homebrewers love hops—it’s no secret. You will always remember the first time you smelled those powerful pellets drop into the kettle. The little bitter cones give beer life, personality and uncanny edginess. Without them, beer would often times be unbalanced, … Read More

Brandon’s Apartment-Friendly Keezer Build

This Pimp My System post was submitted by Salt Lake City AHA member, Brandon Besser. Brandon works part-time for his local homebrew shop and is a full-time professional brewer for Uinta Brewing Co. Like a lot of homebrewers, I got tired … Read More

Constructed Drip Irrigation System

Homemade Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation is a method of delivering water directly to the base of a plant which has many benefits including less evaporation, lower stress from variations in soil moisture, and improved plant growth. In fact, applying water slowly this way … Read More

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