Milt’s Fermentation Chamber

This week’s featured system comes from Milt Barningham. After a few batches of homebrew with distinct off-flavors, Milt Barningham decided to build a new custom fermentation chamber. Here is Milt’s explanation of the inspiration and fabrication! A buddy and I started … Read More

Pimp my System: Barley’s Bar

This week’s system comes to us from Mike, a member of the American Homebrewers Association, as well as a member of the San Antonio Cerveceros.  This was Mikes first keezer build and it came out absolutely beautiful. Here is Mike’s … Read More

Pimp my system: Oscar’s Beer Cart

THE BEER CART Congratulations to Oscar for outfitting this awesome portable barrel. It’s a really unique and fun way to “transport” your homebrew, and I’m sure you won’t find anything like it anywhere else! Here’s how he describes building his very … Read More

Bryan’s Homebrew System

Bryan has gone through a tremendous amount of time and effort to build the brewery of his dreams (at least for now)! It’s pretty amazing what someone with a lot of passion can accomplish in only a few years with … Read More

Pimp my system: Jamie’s Homemade Wort Chiller

Introducing Jamie’s wort chiller! He has built a great wort chiller, piecing together different supplies and coming up with something truly unique. Jamie chose to create his own wort chiller both to cool down his wort (to proper yeast-pitching temperatures … Read More

Pimp my System: The Electric Brewery

Here is an introduction to The Electric Brewery. Designed and built over the span of a year, Kal wanted a truly unique all-grain homebrew set-up. This is what Kal had to say about his one-of-a-kind system: I’ve been brewing on and … Read More

Pimp my system: Derek’s Homemade Stir Plate

Derek has done an awesome job creating his own stir plate, used to propogate his yeast starters. There was a lot of thought and creativity that went into the creation, using many parts from just around the house. Here’s a list … Read More

The Lama Brewery

This week’s pimped system belongs to Walt from Colorado Springs, CO and goes by the name of The Lama Brewery (Yes that is how it is supposed to be spelled). The Lama Brewery boasts a fifty-five gallon HERMS brewing system … Read More

Oscar’s Wooden Shoe Brew Works

Oscar is a relatively new homebrewer that got sucked in even quicker than usual. After a few brews with extract and specialty grains he decided to dive right in and go to all grain. Luckily for him he had the … Read More

Andrew Tingler’s Mash Tun

This week in Pimp My System we are checking out Andrew Tingler’s pimped out mash tun. Andrew’s wife got him a 10 gallon Blichmann kettle last Christmas that was already fairly pimpin’ to begin with (he must have been a … Read More

Brewing as Art

Ever wonder if beer could get any more beautiful? It can, and the newly completed Brewing as Art sculpture is a perfect example of how beer can really inspire people to push the envelope. It’s got style, it’s got grace, … Read More

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