Portland Mashing Maineiacs

Who We Are

We are a group of beer and brewing enthusiasts who meet on a monthly basis at one of our member’s homes to share homebrew and discuss beer and brewing techniques. The club started with a few avid brewers looking to share the hobby, and then a few more and so on.

Dues are optional, unless you want to participate in certain club functions like malt orders, practice judging sessions or committee elections.

Our Club Vibe

The club is a mixture of beer-loving souls from different backgrounds and professions, from chemists and engineers to lawyers, teachers, law enforcement and more, spanning a wide range of ages. Our vibe is friendly and easygoing with monthly meetings more on the social, informal side.


We usually hold meetings on the last Sunday of each month. Held at member’s houses on a somewhat rotating schedule, meetings are usually informal gatherings for sampling and talking about beer and brewing. Meeting agendas typically include a rundown of club business, as well as a member-led discussion of a particular style or recipe.


The club has an annual competition on Groundhog Day that helps motivate us all for the much anticipated spring thaw. We have also had a summer competition that will likely become an annual event.

Fun Activities

We currently hold an annual Oktoberfest gathering in September at a member’s house with all the beer and German food you can handle. The club holds a group “big brew” day at least annually. We also attended our first National Homebrewers Conference as a club in 2013 in Philadelphia with lots of beer in tow.

Homebrewers Association
Homebrewers Association

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