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Think your homebrew club makes some pretty good beer? Have you ever wondered how it stacks up against other clubs' beer? The Club-Only Competition (COC) program offers AHA-Registered Homebrew Clubs an opportunity to compete with other AHA-registerRead More

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Pucker Up” Sour & Wild Ales”

Women love beer and more women than ever (in recent history) are actively brewing professionally and at home. CraftBeer.com recently published an article by Julia Herz of the Brewers Association exploring the phenomenon and recognizing just a few of the wRead More

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Homebrewing Heroines

The ultimate homebrewer experience, brewing your own beer on Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.'s system. Follow Susan and Jeff Rankert's journey to Sierra Nevada Beer Camp and the making of Old Cantankerous.Read More

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Sierra Nevada Beer Camp XIII

"Amateur brewers are making some of the finest, most imaginative beers money can't buy." Mark Dredge of England's The Guardian discusses the homebrewing hobby and its influences in America and across the pond.Read More

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Brewing’s Coming Home

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