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Beautiful beaches and beautiful brews await you next year, June 16-18 in San Diego for the 2011 National Homebrewers Conference. The San Diego local committee, lead by Cole Davisson is already at work to make next year's conference amazing.Read More

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See You Next Year in Sunny San Diego

Couldn't make it to the National Homebrew Competition Award Ceremony this year? Not to worry! The Brewing Network is back again and will be pumping out the video and audio feed as winners are announced Saturday night June 19. Check back for the linRead More

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Live Feed of NHC Award Ceremony

An online extension of SAVOR held on June 5th in Washington, D.C., CraftBeer.com is celebrating the events success by posting 30 Pairings in 30 Days. This month-long daily feature will highlight a different craft beer and food pairing from SAVOR, helping Read More

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30 Pairings in 30 Days from SAVOR

For many homebrewers it's a dream to brew their own recipes on a large scale brewing system. Well not only do the members of the Oregon Brew Crew (OBC) have the opportunity to do just this, but the beers are sold commercially and the club is receivingRead More

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Rogue Foundation gives $5k to OBC

Link goes to join or renew membership page