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This semi-sweet traditional mead recipe comes courtesy of Scott Kurtz (Saint Louis, Mo., STL Brewminati, St. Louis Brews, St. Louis Area Homebrewers Guild, Route 66 Outlanders).

I decided to use the Almost Mesquite Honey from Trader Joe’s on a whim years ago. It became a favorite of a woman very special to me and has been my most successful mead to date, with multiple awards:

  • Best in show, Mead/Cider, 8 Seconds of Froth 2019
  • Gold medal, Mead Category, Hammerdown Brew Cup 2019
  • Gold medal, Traditional Mead, Hoppy Halloween 2019
  • Gold medal, Mead Category, Bluff City Brewers Annual Homebrew Competition
  • 1st place, Traditional Mead, National Homebrew Competition First Round 2017
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Desert Gold Mead

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Download the official 1-gallon and 5-gallon versions of Proxima Polar IPA.

This year’s Big Brew recipe comes from Jackalope Brewing Co, which will brew Pangaea Proxima Polar IPA as the official commemorative beer for Homebrew Con, to be held June 18–20, 2020, in Nashville, Tenn. Given that homebrewers from all over the globe will be brewing a version of this beer on May 2, the recipe features ingredients that truly fit the theme of Big Brew.

“We want to use ingredients from all over the world to brew this beer. We decided to use the kveik yeast because what a dream that is for a homebrewer,” said Bailey Spaulding, who is a cofounder of Jackalope and will deliver the Keynote Address at Homebrew Con. “Then we landed on using New Zealand hops for the beer,” she continued, “so the yeast is from an area of the world near the North Pole, and the hops are from an area near the South Pole.”

The beer is named after Pangaea Proxima, which is a theorized future supercontinent that would form 300 million years in the future. “We thought it fit the idea well. Also, we really like the idea of bringing people from around the world together in a time when we are all so separate.”

Quarantine American IPA is an alternative option for Pangaea Proxima IPA.

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Pangaea Proxima Polar IPA

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