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Title: Kegging and Temp Changes
Post by: rhcpfan4002 on May 15, 2012, 04:38:16 PM
My friend received a Kolsch kit for Christmas from his brother.....but no equipment to actually make the beer. Being a good friend I said he can use mine and will help him in the process. Anyways, the beer is finished and the keg has been in my fridge for a while now taking up space and I want to move it. Right now it has been forced carbonated to 2.7 at 43F. I want to move the keg to my storage location in my apartment that can have a range of temperature from 50 to 75. Should I relieve some of the pressure and maybe set it at 5 PSI or is keeping it at 16 PSI better? I'm new to kegging and have never ran into the problem of having a keg of beer I had to store. I'm basically trying to do what he wants without ruining his first batch of beer he made and is going to share with his family. Also, I don’t know if this makes a difference but there is only 1.5 gallons in the corny.  He wanted to bottle most of it. He should be picking up everything by June 9th. I forgot to add this but I take it the the change in temperature will have an affect on the C02 in the headspace and the beer itself during storage.
Title: Re: Kegging and Temp Changes
Post by: harbicide on May 16, 2012, 02:22:01 AM
Assuming that you don't plan on tapping it at the higher temperature, I'd just leave the keg pressure rise.  Then when it returns to the fridge it will again reduce in pressure (with a few days to equilibriate) and be ready to tap.
Title: Re: Kegging and Temp Changes
Post by: euge on May 16, 2012, 03:20:29 AM
Yeah don't worry overmuch about this. I've pulled kegs out with a gallon left in them and they sat for months until they were replaced into the kegerator. The carbonation wasn't affected. At least not that I could tell.
Title: Re: Kegging and Temp Changes
Post by: jds357 on May 24, 2012, 01:52:41 AM
I have also removed kegs from cold storage and left them at room temperature.  I have never had problems.  I would keep the beer at 16 psi.  You should have no issues.