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Title: Perplexing
Post by: davidgzach on February 02, 2013, 01:27:58 PM
I made a lager 2 weeks ago and pitched in accordance with Mr. Malty.  I aerated with O2 for 90 seconds and fermentation took off.  I used Wyeast 2278 for a clean Czech Pils. 

Well a week later it stalled at 1.030.  So I decided to raise the temp and brought it up a few degrees a day to 68.  I have another lager in there so I figured it would not hurt it and I could perform a diacetyl rest on that while the former burned out.

Well another week later and I'm only down to 1.020.  It should get to at least 1.015.

RDWHAHB and just wait it out?  It sure seems to be taking a long time.  2 weeks to only 1.020....


Edit:  And I'm a little worried about the other lager being at 68 for 2 weeks.  Again, RDWHAHB?  The newer one is REALLY tasty though already!  YAY!   ;D
Title: Re: Perplexing
Post by: blatz on February 02, 2013, 01:43:54 PM
i brew a lot of lagers, and i'd say 2 weeks is not really that outlandish.  certainly the stalling, if you are really certain it stalled, is a bit annoying, but how quickly did it take off?  how fresh were your packets?  how vigorous was the starter you had?  is it possible the yeast were just not as viable as you thought?

that said, while i use mostly White Labs, my buddy in my club uses wyeast and i recall him having quite a problem using the Urquell D yeast a year or two back.  very fickle, especially in the first generation. 

i would just let it finish at d-rest temps and expect that it will be fine - 1.014-5 will be good for that style anyhow IIRC. 

good luck and keep us posted.
Title: Re: Perplexing
Post by: davidgzach on February 02, 2013, 02:36:06 PM
Thanks Paul.  The last time I used this strain it stalled on me as well.  But that was several years ago before I discovered the magic of proper pitching rates and a stir plate!

I pitched a ton of healthy yeast.  2 stage ramp up for 10 gallons.  I'm sure it was a sufficient pitch and there was ample aeration. 

I'm sure it will be fine.  Just needed to hear it from someone else....

It does make a tasty lager though.  Very crisp and clean!