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Title: BrauKon?
Post by: phillamb168 on March 21, 2013, 03:06:14 PM
Anybody know them? They're sending me a quote for a 20HL system (electric), semi-auto. ~250k EUR not including delivery. Apparently they're on par with Kaspar Schulz...
Title: Re: BrauKon?
Post by: Thirsty_Monk on March 22, 2013, 12:03:01 AM
I do not know them.

Only one note.
Electric in HLT is great.
BK is another story. Wort usually bakes on heating elements and they are hard to clean. With that size of brewhouse you just can not reach in and clean it.
So unless they have something that prevent wort from baking on heating elements, I would advise agents it.
Title: Re: BrauKon?
Post by: wayne1 on March 22, 2013, 01:13:07 AM
BrauKon has become quite popular here in CO.

Left Hand started it off with buying one of their kettles.

Then Bristol Brewing ordered a 40 hl system  for their expansion.

Doug Odell has a 105 bbl 4-vessel system on order. They have used a BrauKon hop back system for many years.

My old brewery, Rockyard, has placed an order for a 30 hl brewhouse.

I consult with Backpocket Brewing in IA that has a 40 hl BrauKon system that they love.

Troegs, Flying Fish, Sly Fox, and St. Arnolds all use BrauKon. Most of these are steam powered, however.
Title: Re: BrauKon?
Post by: phillamb168 on March 22, 2013, 09:01:07 AM
Thirsty, their electric system is sort of a 'bain mairie,' it uses electric to heat a small amount of pressurized water that surrounds the BK (or so the guy tells me) so there's no actual contact with the wort.

Does the price sound reasonable?
Title: Re: BrauKon?
Post by: Thirsty_Monk on March 23, 2013, 01:30:32 PM

There is more money to be spend when opening a brewery then just a brewhouse.

Check GlaciarTanks.com for their brewhouses.
These are Chinase brewhouses.
Not too many people post their prices on line so this is the place to start you up.

When looking at the brew house it is what is in the details.
Is it manual, semiautomatic, automatic. How much labour you have to apply to brew the beer. Does it have CIP. Is mill and auger included. Is burner, steam generator included. Is the brewhouse hard pipe or not.
Is installation and training included? 

You said you got a quote for system.
Does it include fermenters and bright tanks, Cooling and walking cooler?

Packaging, cooperage...