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Title: Brewer's Kids
Post by: el_capitan on April 25, 2013, 09:52:18 PM
I was pouring a beer last night, and my glass wasn't even half-full when my 3-year old son said, "Brown Porter!" 

What a proud moment.  :)  I told my boys that they can drink beer when they can grow a beard.  So these guys are already making plans.  "Daddy, when we are grown up and have beards, we should make a men's club, and we'll brew beer." 

They help me pick my hops, help me brew, know how to pour a perfect pint...

This may sound corrupt, but I think it's cool that my boys are seeing the whole process, and also able to experience the responsible enjoyment and appreciation of alcohol.  Anybody else have some fun stories to share? 
Title: Re: Brewer's Kids
Post by: james on April 26, 2013, 01:07:30 AM
I was so proud when we were driving and my daughter pointed out the window and said "Daddy those are hops".  Another time I had poured the first pint of a homebrew IIPA and held it to my wife to smell it, my oldest wanted to smell it also and she said something like "Stinky, it smells like hops"