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Title: Kansas City
Post by: jeffy on March 31, 2015, 11:52:12 PM
So my wife and I have been taking some long weekends over the past few years to explore cities we've not been to.  We like to fly out on a direct flight from Tampa on a Friday morning and return Sunday afternoon.  We've seen New Orleans several times, Baltimore, Memphis, St Louis, Raleigh, NYC, Chicago and several other cities.  Next up is Kansas City. 
Can you guys help with where to stay, drink and eat in Kansas City?  We're planning the last weekend of April.
Title: Re: Kansas City
Post by: hopfenundmalz on April 01, 2015, 12:29:47 AM
Jeff, I have not spent much time there Jacks Stack was good on a business trip, but that was 15 years ago. The burnt ends were really good.

A good friend that I worked with that grew up around there said you have to go to Gates and Arthur Bryant's and decide for yourself. That is all I have for KC. Let the locals weigh in.
Title: Re: Kansas City
Post by: metron-brewer on April 01, 2015, 12:55:28 AM
We really enjoyed Lidia's in KC.
http://www.lidias-kc.com/ (http://www.lidias-kc.com/)
Title: Re: Kansas City
Post by: greatplainsbrewer on April 01, 2015, 12:56:47 AM
I'd say Joes of KC (formerly OK Joes) is the place to eat- recommend getting there at 11 or just ordering ahead to go.  Boulevard is pretty prevalent and they make some stuff for their tap houses that I haven't seen before.

Not a local but I do try to make a few trips for Royals games
Title: Re: Kansas City
Post by: scrap iron on April 01, 2015, 02:11:11 PM
BBQ, steaks and sports are all world class in KC. + 1 to Joe's, there is a Bryant's out by the NASCAR track by a shopping  complex called the Legend's on the Kansas side, where I'm from. The KC Sporting soccer stadium is there and  a Yard House Pub & Restaurant. Gate's BBQ is another good choice with several locations, as does  Bryant's. If you plan to tour Boulevard Brewery I think there is a couple weeks waiting list so call ahead. If you go on the tour there is Rosedale BBQ close on the Kansas side, Boulevard is on the Missouri side. Also lots of good Mexican food down near the brewery on Southwest Blvd, Ponack's , Manny's to name two. The last part of May the Schlitterbahn water park opens[world's tallest water slide] at the Legend's but looks like you will be there before it opens. KC is home to some of the most nicest and friendly people you will ever meet. Good old Midwestern Hospitality. I hope this helps, cheers, Mike. Member of the Kansas City Beer Meisters.
Title: Re: Kansas City
Post by: bboy9000 on April 01, 2015, 07:48:01 PM
Welcome in advance to Kansas City!  In case you aren't aware the Missouri side is the biggest part of Kansas City.  If hitting up breweries is your goal then Boulevard, KC Bier Company, Martin City Brewing and Cinder Block Brewing are musts.  If you go to Cinder Block you might as well go to Big Rip as its just five minutes away. 

Since Boulevard restructured the way they do tours it's actually fairly easy to get in, especially on weekdays.  They have three types of tours, the free tour and two levels of paid tours.  With the free tour you get three complimentary sample beers and AHA members also get a free pint and 10% off merchandise.  You still need to get there early in the morning (9 or 10 I believe) when ticket vouchers are available, but you can get the vouchers for a later tour and come back when it's time.   If you've seen enough breweries you can just go to the Boulevard tasting room to drink and stare at the brew system through a window.  KC Beir Co, in the Waldo neighborhood of KCMO, specializes in traditional German ales and lagers.  Their Weizenbock is as good or better than Weihenstephaner Vitus IMHO.  As far a locally owned brew pubs there's McCoy's Public House in Westport and 75th Street Brewery in Waldo.  They both make great beer and pub food but I give McCoy's a slight edge for their Pot Roast and Mac N' Cheese.
  As far as beer bars I'll skip the chains and only mention local places.  In Westport there's The Foundry, Beer Kitchen, The Riot Room, Green Room (also a nano-brewery) and The Local Pig (formerly Bridger's Bottle Shop).  On the Kansas side out in the burbs there's Barley's Brewhaus and The Blue Moose.

I highly recommend seeing the Royals as they are an exciting baseball team and play in what many consider one of the nicest stadiums in baseball.  There's also a Drury Inn across the street which has three complimentary adult beverages from 4-7PM.
I'd stay away from The Legends in KCK unless pro soccer or NASCAR is on your to-do list.  While it has great restaurants as the previous poster mentioned, it's just like any other suburban shopping district in the US.  To get a true sense of Kansas City I'd stick to the following neighborhoods/areas (north to south):  The River Market, Downtown/Power & Light District, The Crossroads Art District, The Freight District, Midtown, Westport, Brookside and Waldo.  Also, KC North if you hit up Cinder Block and Big Rip and SOuth KC for Martin City Brewing Co.  As far as where to stay I'd stay in downtown KCMO or on the Plaza.  There's also hotels in Westport but that's a late-night bar area so that may not be good if you like go to bed early.
The best BBQ is hotly debated but according to Anthony Bourdain Joe's is one of the 13 places you must eat before you die.  He said it's "the best barbeque in Kansas City which means it's the best barbeque in the universe."  Jack Stack, Rosedale, Danny Edwards, RJ's and Q39 are also great places to eat.  Gate's and Bryant's are okay but they're the stereotypical sauce-covered KC BBQ.  Good non-barbeque upscale casual restaurants are Blue Stem, Cafe Europa, Plaza III (best steaks and good happy hour), Webster House (great happy hour) Le Fou Frog (French), Lidia's (Italian), and Micahel Smith (fine dining).  More casual are Ponak's, Rudy's and Manny's (all Mexican), Jazz Louisiana Kitchen, Po's, Lulu's and Blue Koi (those three are noodles), and You Say Tomato (breakfast brunch). 

You also need to visit the Jazz Museum and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.  Both are next door to each other and a few blocks away from Arthur Bryant's Barbeque in the historic Jazz District.  The World War I Museum across from Crown Center is also an awesome museum.

I hope that helps! Enjoy your visit to Kansas City!
Title: Re: Kansas City
Post by: rckymtnskibum on April 01, 2015, 08:37:05 PM
+1 for Joe's and Boulevard
Title: Re: Kansas City
Post by: jeffy on April 01, 2015, 09:17:26 PM
Wow!  Thanks.  That's a lot of information.  My next item is to find the right neighborhood to book a room.  I will look at a map and your (bboy) recommendations this evening.
Title: Re: Kansas City
Post by: duboman on April 01, 2015, 09:41:04 PM
+1 to Bboy's recommendations and I'll second the Boulevard tours, it's really great and they are a super homebrewer freindly brewery!
Title: Re: Kansas City
Post by: jeffy on May 04, 2015, 03:48:57 PM
My wife and I had a very nice weekend in KC a week ago.  Although the weather was a bit rainy and overcast, we enjoyed getting out of the 90F 90% humidity of Tampa far a couple days.  We stayed in Westport and walked to several good beer bars, including Beer Kitchen and the Foundry.  Sunday brunch at Beer Kitchen was awesome.  Westport Flea Market was fun and next door to our hotel (816 Hotel).  It's one of those "as seen on the Food Channel" sort of places.  We also ate at Local Pig, where the food was not quite as good as the menu led us to anticipate. 

We stopped at Boulevard for a flight at the tasting room, but did not stay long as there was nothing available for a non beer drinker to have and they offer no food.  I expected them to have a few beers that were not ubiquitous, but found the selection there about the same as just about any good beer bar in KC.  Heck, our hotel had free Boulevard on tap for happy hour.  They did have a nice experimental Belgian IPA though and this was one of the least expensive flights I've ever had at $5 for 5 samples, plus the experimental one for free.

We also went to 75th Street brewery and I had a couple of IPA's which were pretty good, but my socks stayed on my feet.

I think my favorite beer of the weekend was Urban Chestnut (St. Louis) STLIPA, a Belgian-ish IPA.  The bartender kept trying to pronounce it Stilpa and had trouble finding the tap when asked.

We ate a Joe's in Kansas after standing in a very polite line for about an hour.  The ribs, pulled pork and burnt ends were very good, but I doubt I'd wait another hour for it again.

We did lots of touristy things, visiting the art museum and sculpture garden, Union Station, The National WWI Memorial, the Power and Light District (which is mostly chains), the Public Library and the Saturday morning market downtown.

Pretty much everybody was friendly and polite. 

Thanks for all the tips, everybody.