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Title: Experimental Brewing Podcast Episode 43- The Long Con
Post by: denny on June 21, 2017, 04:40:24 PM

Another year, another Conn appearance at the best homebrew party on the planet - HomeBrewCon! Live from the Expo booth of our sponsor BrewCraftUSA, we sit down and visit with a number of folks and vendors you know and talk to them about where they see the homebrew world going. We announce our new Wyeast Contest - Get your recipes in! We have a visit from a homebrewer Corey, who brewed a beer that's the perfect synthesis of Denny and Drew - shudder at the thought of their beery love child! We even have a visit from Mr. Water - Martin Brungard - on the importance and ease of water controls. And we closed out with a visit from our friends at BrewCraftUSA and their new toys including some primo wine kits from Mosti Mondiale.