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Title: Willing to pay for Brewing help in Ann Arbor, MI
Post by: poharris on August 02, 2017, 02:14:19 pm
I am seeking an experienced home brewer in the Ann Arbor, MI area who would be willing and able to come to my home (at first) and mentor me, give me pointers/lessons, etc. on brewing beer. I am also looking to hire that person to make some experimental batches of beer with the goal of creating a 0.0% (preferably) or a .5%  Stout. I know there are several ways to create one, but the goal would be to create one that is as close to the taste of a typical version (with alcohol). Once this is accomplished, I have intentions to design recipe's for a Porter and IPA as well, if possible. I am of course willing to pay for these services.
I realize this is not for everyone and that many brewers will find this venture silly. I am not interested in convincing anyone of the merits of this venture, I realize N/A beer is a tiny fraction of the market.
I have loved beer and been a drinker for 4 decades but recently found that I had to lower my alcohol intake for health reasons. Then I realized there was no such "near beer" stout, my favorite. Like I said, I know this can be done, even if for only my own purposes, this is something I have decided to do. email if you are interested in helping me and making some cash as well. poharris@hotmail.com
Title: Re: Willing to pay for Brewing help in Ann Arbor, MI
Post by: denny on August 02, 2017, 02:50:06 pm
You have one of the great homebrew clubs there...the Ann Arbor Brewers Guild.  I recommend you contact them.  I'll bet you'll have plenty of qualified, experienced volunteers.  And for the record, there's no way to make a 0% beer.  Even to get very low requires equipment that's beyond the reach of the average homebrewer.