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Title: Lactobacillus 5335
Post by: Slyde24 on August 29, 2017, 10:58:01 PM
Hey everyone,
My buddy and were attepting to sour our gose using lactobacillus and we read our instructions backwards. Dropped the temp to 68 and pitched wyeast lacto 5335. Its been 2 days since we pitched it. The directions said to pitch kolsch yeast first then add the lactobacillus 2 days later. Any idea on what we can do?
Title: Re: Lactobacillus 5335
Post by: brewinhard on August 29, 2017, 11:47:21 PM
I think you will be better off pitching the lacto first anyway. Let it eat away at the sugars for a few days prior to pitching the yeast.

You will also have better luck souring the beer more effectively if you can raise the temps of your wort to 90-100F and hold it there to better help the lacto.