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Title: Hotel Scams
Post by: KathrynPorterDrapeau on April 23, 2018, 07:18:56 pm
Be on alert! Non-approved or even fake companies try to poach on Brewers Association (BA) events and scam our members into booking hotel rooms through them.

Please note: Conference Direct is the only official/approved housing company for BA events. Conference Direct will never email or cold call you to book a hotel room. Any company that does should be considered a scam.

Brewers Association was notified of a company doing this for Homebrew Con, Convention Housing Planners Corp. Please do not book your hotel this way.  You may get ripped off, not actually have a reservation come event time or even worse after handing over your credit card info to a fraudulent company.

You can also see the full warning on the Homebrew Con hotel page. https://www.homebrewcon.org/info/early-hotel-information/

Thank you!