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Title: Posting a Bio
Post by: Gary Glass on November 02, 2009, 10:57:55 am
This board is for posting short biographies of homebrewers.  You may post a bio of yourself, or of a homebrewer you know that you'd like to share with the community. The AHA will select a new bio each week to feature on the www.homebrewersassociation.org home page as a Brewer of the Week.

Please include a photo of the homebrewer you are writing about.  Note, you cannot directly upload or attach images to a forum post, but you can insert an image that is linked from an website.

To include an image in a post:
1. Image must be linked from a website (such as flickr or photobucket or a private website), you cannot directly upload images to the AHA Forum.
2. Put the cursor where ever you want to insert your image.
3. Select the "insert image" icon from the editor tool bar, which will insert "[ img][ /img]" into your post.
4. Insert the URL for the photo you want to include in your post between "[ img]" and "[ /img]"