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Title: For Sale, Bay Area, 10-gallon kettle
Post by: kgs on September 03, 2010, 11:09:56 am
SF Bay Area. Make me an offer. I have a brand-new Brewer's Edge 10-gallon kettle plus ball valve (still in plastic, box, etc.). (Decided to go with a different brand/size.) I have it wrapped up for return--it just arrived a couple days ago and I have close to 60 days--but since I'll have to pay for shipping, I'm open to selling it at a discount. I'm considering keeping the ball valve for when I get up my nerve to drill my new pot, but I'm open to selling it with or without. I would also consider barter for all or part of the deal.

It's lightweight but the metal is a bit thin. It's very wide, if that's an issue (that was the final deal-breaker for me, since I brew small batches).  Out of courtesy to my brewing brothers and sisters, particularly those without cars, I would even consider delivering. :-)

This is what I'm selling:


I would definitely do business with Williams again, by the way--prompt service, equipment arrived in perfect condition, absolutely no complaints.