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Title: Please buy my brewery!
Post by: euge on December 24, 2020, 09:01:27 am
Hello Homebrewers,

Due to inscrutable reasons I’d rather not discuss I am giving up my beloved hobby. Consequently, I am putting up for sale the bulk of my brewery. I will post a video on youtube:
  https://youtu.be/_vnkFWNUMpU displaying these items with some description.

Here is a list of what is for sale. Bear in mind that all these Items will be priced competitively and are not negotiable. There is no local tax so that is a further savings. I am not giving them away so please don’t waste my time or yours by attempting to negotiate a lower price. Feel free to DM me if interested- I am selling only locally- in the San Antonio Texas area. I will not deliver. If a sale is agreed upon then we will meet in my local police station parking lot. If this is not acceptable then we simply cannot do business together. All sales are for cash only, as is, and final.

10 corny kegs (used) $50 each A minimum of two. I will include some extra o-rings with the first purchase. Would prefer to sell all in one lot or in lots of five- this is a fantastic deal!

As a excellent package to get that eager all-grain brewer started: One heavy duty aluminum 80qt kettle (20 gallons) and lid with Blichmann thermometer, weldless ball valve with hose barb and custom copper pick-up tube. I will include a custom heavy-duty copper immersion-chiller with the kettle and a barley crusher grain-mill. I also will include a garage-door electric motor which is low RPM if one wants to do a DIY powered mill setup. One hose braid for cooler mash-tun. Mashtun not included! One glass hydrometer.  Four 7.9 gallon plastic fermenters with spigots Total- $300

Two (2) 7cf Holidaychest freezers without controllers. $250 each. Each fits two of the above fermenters or around 5 corny kegs for those that want to go the serving route.

One Vissani kegerator with 7# tank, regulator, taps and connects for cornies and regular style kegs $250

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to get started full-swing or upgrade your existing brewery!

Title: Re: Please buy my brewery!
Post by: kramerog on December 25, 2020, 11:31:59 am
Euge, sorry that you are leaving the hobby.