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Title: Sous Vide Mashing
Post by: Dutchman52 on April 14, 2021, 11:13:14 pm
I just read in the mag about one of the members using a Sous Vide to process the mash.  Has anyone else explored this process and if you have I would like some details
Title: Re: Sous Vide Mashing
Post by: EnkAMania on April 15, 2021, 10:46:20 pm
I do an overnight sous vide mash.  Heat the strike water with the sous vide and stir in the grain.  (I do BIAB). I put the sous vide in a hop spider and go to bed.

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Title: Re: Sous Vide Mashing
Post by: Tummydoc on April 19, 2021, 06:34:21 am
You tube videos are out there. Fastest is to set the sous vide to strike temp when you go to bed. Then you're ready to mash in when you wake. I now use a large hop spider for the sous vide, but in the past just used a wire cooling rack to keep the biab bag away from the recirculater. I mash in a large cooler.

It's so easy that I cant justify a RIMS or HERMS build even though they are sexier.
Title: Re: Sous Vide Mashing
Post by: ERIC PAVEY on June 20, 2021, 02:00:23 am
I've tried this, but unlike others had very poor success: have a 1200 watt sous vide. Would heat strike water a via my burner, add that to my mash (biab), then add the sous vide stick in a hop spider, to keep all the grains out of it. Doing temperature probes around the bed, I saw radiating heat: clearly the wort around the sous vide I was at the right temp, but everything else: fell off pretty dramatically over time. I'm not sure how you expect that tiny impeller on the sous vide to recirculate the liquid through all that mash. Based on that failed experiment, I jury rigged my own K-RIMS setup, and it's been working great. The sous vide still makes great steak though :-)