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Title: STC 1000 problems
Post by: scrap iron on August 22, 2021, 07:51:51 am
I've had some equipment problems with my current Bo Pilsner ferment.  First my old Almond colored Maytag fridge from the 80's quit working and I needed a replacement fast. I called around and couldn't find any used, I guess they are hard to find now. I found a new one at Menard's, made in China, great smh.
I got it hooked up  before the temp got too high and things looked good for a couple of days until this morning. I got up and found the temp was 39* F.
I hooked up my old analog Johnson controller and it still works. So the STC 1000 kept cooling and did not shut off at the set temp. I checked for continuity across  the probe wires and got no signal. I'm not an electrician but have a basic knowledge of things related.

Does anyone have any similar problems? The unit was working fine until recently. I am good for now until the weather starts getting cold and I need a controller with a heating unit also.   
Title: Re: STC 1000 problems
Post by: scrap iron on August 22, 2021, 10:51:30 am
Update on my OP. I found a replacement in Fahrenheit. I had no idea they were so cheap now. My current one was the first run of the units that were flashed to read F instead of C. I've had it several years and liked how you can program them including the temp ramp feature. I payed a lot more for the
Title: Re: STC 1000 problems
Post by: Slowbrew on August 22, 2021, 01:54:32 pm
My first temp controller started losing memory addresses which made some temps not available.  Specifically the ones I generally used.  It would work 2 degs warmer or colder but not where I always kept it.  Anymore I assume if I get more than 5 years out of any electronics I've been lucky.

Glad you found a replacement.