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Title: First BIAB: What went wrong?
Post by: MississippiBrewer on June 09, 2022, 11:36:48 am
I've brewed around 30 extract batches and several partial mashes, all with success.  I've never made a truly bad beer. I wanted to try BIAB all grain and used what I thought was a simple American style wheat recipe:

4 lbs white wheat
4 lbs 2-row
1 lb Caramel 10

1oz Amarillo hops
Omega OYL-200 Tropical IPA yeast

I mashed a bit higher than I wanted at 158. My regulator on the propane burner broke half way so I had to move to electric stove top.  Ended up mashing for 90 minutes in a cooler while I heated sparge water on the stove.  I did a batch sparge with 165 degree water for 15 min.  Ended up with about 3 gallons of wort and boiled that for 60 min.  I put in .5oz Amarillo at 45 min, and the other .5oz at flameout.  Chilled to 70, added 2 gallons of water. The yeast says you can ferment between 70 and 85 so I fermented at 75.  I was going for a very tropical wheat with the Amarillo hops and Tropical IPA yeast.

I bottled at 2 weeks, let carb, and just tasted.  It's horrible.  I can't really describe the taste but there is absolutely no fruity/floral aroma or taste. It's kinda dank maybe? Don't think it has the wet cardboard or vinyl, but it does not taste like beer.  I sanitized and brewed like I have for 35 successful previous batches. There is alcohol in it so fermentation definitely happened.  Any idea what went wrong?
Title: Re: First BIAB: What went wrong?
Post by: pete b on June 09, 2022, 12:17:30 pm
If this was a 5 gallon batch you used a very small amount of hops for both the 45 minute bittering addition and the flameout addition. I would expect this beer to not have enough bitterness and perhaps be a bit cloying and to also have little to no hop aroma and flavor. Which I think sounds about like you describe.
Title: Re: First BIAB: What went wrong?
Post by: Semper Sitientem on June 09, 2022, 05:50:09 pm
Agree on the low hop volume. I use 1 ounce in my 3 gallon American wheat batches. Also, may want to skip sparging in the beginning until you refine your process as that is a main benefit of BIAB.