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Title: PS3 or Xbox?
Post by: euge on November 07, 2010, 06:37:08 AM
I bought a PS3 when it came out and later sold it. Considering a "purchase" this holiday season for myself. The Xbox has a rep for crapping out. It still is in consideration however.

Any advice? Merits? Great games?
Title: Re: PS3 or Xbox?
Post by: gordonstrong on November 07, 2010, 06:50:33 AM
Most games are available on both platforms for the same price.  Some are exclusive; check the list of those to see if it makes a difference to you.  The graphics are comparable, the controllers are comparable, the online store and multiplayer experience are comparable. 

The PS3 has a Blu-Ray player in it; if you don't have one, that's a bonus.

All the major platforms are getting a bit long in the tooth.  PS3 and Xbox have recently added Wii-like motion controls (add-ons you must buy).  Not many titles support these features yet, so it's hard to say which might be better.

So I'd say if you need a Blu-Ray player, buy the PS3, otherwise buy the one that has exclusive games you might like to play.

If you like D&D-like RPGs, check out Dragon Age.  That, and its expansions, kept me busy for at least four months.
Title: Re: PS3 or Xbox?
Post by: euge on November 07, 2010, 07:08:02 AM
Blue-Ray. +1 PS3

I can probably get a bottom model Xbox 360 for $150. +1 Xbox

Accessories I'd need probably cost me a bit though.

I liked RPG games and MMORPG games at one time. Cut my teeth on D&D. Dragon Age looks cool.

Title: Re: PS3 or Xbox?
Post by: weazletoe on November 08, 2010, 02:39:29 AM
PS3 is the greatest! Awesome titles, Blue-ray, and all the stuff you can do on it is amazing. Bascically, I never watch live tv, and do have a DVR. I download all my TV shows on my computer, then flip on the PS3. The PS3 is tied into my home network, so it see all the video, music, and photo folders on my PC. I go to the folder that my show is in, and it goes from my PC, to my PS3, to the 50", in the mancave. All wireless. It's SWEET!!!!!
Title: Re: PS3 or Xbox?
Post by: theDarkSide on November 08, 2010, 03:14:01 PM
Another vote for PS3.  Just picked up the Move bundle and extra controlller and it is so far beyond the Wii setup.

Xbox now has the Kinetic add-on for $150, allowing for game play without a controller.  Can't comment on that. 

I bought my PS3 over a year ago because I wanted a game system with better graphics than my Wii.  It also had the Blu-ray player which was the final selling point.  And Netflix just released software for streaming through the PS3, which seems to be a better quality than streaming through my Tivo.