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Title: NB Munich Extract-Roasty?
Post by: drf255 on January 09, 2011, 06:34:14 am
I just kegged an extract lager that I brewed as a starter batch for 2124 yeast.  The ingredients were 6# of Northern Brewer Munich Extract (which is supposed to be 50/50 pale/munich malt), 1# of Marris Otter and 1/2# of Weyermann Carared.  The MO and Carared were steeped at 150-158* for and hour.  Hops were Saphir at 3.5% AAU all as FWH.  IBU35, OG 1046, FG 1010.  Fermented at 50* for a month, D-rest at 60 for a week.

The beer is beautiful and brilliantly clear.  Unfortunately it has a roasty character that I find out of place in a lager.  It is very clean tasting and lacks that bready malty character I was hoping for.  I did not burn the crystal/MO additions when I steeped them.

Has anyone used this extract and gotten a similar taste?