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Title: Pineau / Pommeau
Post by: nicneufeld on January 14, 2011, 08:19:34 PM
This isn't strictly a fermentable, but...

Anyone ever tried making pineau de Charentes, or pommeau?

Pineau is unfermented wine must blended with unaged brandy, then aged in wood and bottled around 20% ABV.  Pommeau is the Norman equivalent that uses unfermented cider and apple brandy.

I made two bottles of the latter years ago by obtaining a good bottle of apple brandy (not calvados, though...the Lairds bonded stuff, full apple brandy, not the blended applejack) and mixing it 50/50 with Martinellis apple cider.  Recapped, and it makes a nice sweet drink, like a liqueur.

Yesterday I did the same with a bottle of unfermented chablis juice, and a bottle of inexpensive American brandy, for a cheap approximation of pineau.

Very interesting I'd say!  It would go well with certain foods I'm sure...cheese, certainly, with the sweet/acidic element.
Title: Re: Pineau / Pommeau
Post by: Beertracker on January 15, 2011, 05:32:51 PM
I've had the pleasure of drinking Pommeau. It was quite delicious! It might be interesting to "fortify" a cyser with some. Keep us updated on any experiferments.  8)
Title: Re: Pineau / Pommeau
Post by: alikocho on January 15, 2011, 09:31:16 PM
I've had Pineau - similar to sherry, but without the oxidised taste IYSWIM.

Let us know how the experiments come out.
Title: Re: Pineau / Pommeau
Post by: nicneufeld on January 16, 2011, 02:16:58 PM
Both experiments are nice.  I'd like to retry the pommeau one with calvados, actually, which I think would be a bit more delicate than the oaky, American apply brandy.  Obviously the pineau was done with subpar brandy (Korbel) but the brandy they use for this isn't even aged, so I figure it wouldn't be too terribly off the mark, and who wants to blend a $40 bottle of cognac?

I'd like to have a bottle of each on hand, long term...seems like a great thing to pull out for guests after dinner.  Pommeau with apple pie might be excessively rich, but I imagine it would be great, anyway!