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Title: Wheat beer mash schedule
Post by: kcjaz on February 18, 2011, 04:43:47 AM
I am going to brew a wheat lager for my next batch (never done a wheat with lager yeast before).  I was looking at some recipes for wheat beers and noticed that for most German hefeweizen recipes seem to use a multi set infusion mash schedule while the american wheats seem to use a single step (with basically the same grain bill).  My theory for why this is, is because Germans tend to prefer complicated over simple.  ;D  In the end though, what impact does this have on the final beer?
Title: Re: Wheat beer mash schedule
Post by: santoch on February 18, 2011, 05:52:22 AM
A Bavarian Weizenbier is traditionally decocted.  The flavor benefits from ferulic acid formation at the 95-113F temp range, which promotes the banana/clove characteristic in the yeast profile (and it also helps lower pH for the mash as well as providing a tartness in the finish).  A 122F-131F step helps break proteins down to shorter chains for better head formation and retention. A beta rest (140s) helps develop fermentables and a 154F rest will provide dextrins and mouth feel.  All boil steps in a decoction bring forth melanoidan development which gives a maltier flavor profile and helps balance the aforementioned yeast characteristics without becoming overbearing. 

By comparison, American Wheats are quite tame in their flavor profile.  A step mash may help with head formation, but most American Wheats are fermented using either a Kolsch yeast or another clean/neutral yeast (often Cal Ale), which makes the style approachable by the "BMC" crowd as a crossover beer.  Basically, the idea is to keep the IBUs low, the yeast clean and neutral, and the malt sweet and bready, and therefore non-offensive.

Title: Re: Wheat beer mash schedule
Post by: kcjaz on February 18, 2011, 06:31:56 AM
Thanks.  I think I'm going to strike somewhere in the 120's and then infuse again at 150 ish and then mash out at 165.  I'm going to use American lager yeast and ferment cold.  Goal is mild tasting lighter beer for my not so adventurous friends that gets them past Bud Lite.  Kind of a public service project.   ;)
Title: Re: Wheat beer mash schedule
Post by: nateo on February 21, 2011, 12:41:47 AM
Here's the mash schedule from Boulevard's Unfiltered Wheat, via "Brewing with Wheat"

104* for 6.5min
122* for 25 min
145* for 12 min
163* for 15 min
169* knockout

It's also basically the same schedule for their Zon Wit. The beta-glucan rest at 104 will help keep the mash from being too sticky/thick.