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Title: co2 issues for new kegerator owner
Post by: mark1424 on June 14, 2011, 11:42:47 pm
First off, I want to apologize in advance if I am not really supposed to be posting on here since I am not doing homebrew (but I would like to some day). I bought a kegerator off of craigslist a week ago and was really excited for my new toy. However, it has been nothing but disappointing so far.

I am on my third cO2 tank in that period of time. Prior to hooking up the latest one, I put in new o rings in the connectors between the regulator and the tank and the hose from the regulator and the tap on the keg. Then I tapped the keg and turned on the co2 and did the soapy water test. There were no bubbles. I was optimistic that the new o rings might have solved the problem.

Now that I am paranoid about a possible leak I have been checking the PSI gauge. I noticed that it appeared to be dropping after I put it in the kegerator. I decided I would disconnect it from the keg and untap it. I came back and checked the gauge again and it had still lowered after I turned off the co2 on the tank. At this point, the regulator was still attached. Now I have disconnected it from the regulator too.

Any ideas? I am pulling my hair out and getting down on this kegerator thing. I read that the pressure will change when I put it in the fridge, so maybe it is not leaking at all now? Should it continue to show lower pressure even though I disconnected it from the tap and turned it off on the tank?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Title: Re: co2 issues for new kegerator owner
Post by: Slowbrew on June 15, 2011, 07:56:39 am
The relative high side pressure will drop some when the tank is in the refrigerator but should stabilize once the temp of the tank is equal to the fridge.

It sounds like you have been doing the right things so far to find the leak.  Make sure you are being systematic as you try to eliminate each component.  It doesn't really work to sort of jump around.  I would start as far away from the regulator as you can.  Don't connect a keg, turn on the gas and submerge the fittings for the keg in water and look for bubbles.  Leaks that might not show up in a "soapy water" test will show up under water.  If the leak isn't there move up the line to the next set of connections.  Try using a Star San solution (very foamy product) rather than detergent on joints that can't be submerged.

Keep working back till you get to the regulator.  If you have not connected a keg, don't.  Turn off your tank valve (close any valves you may have that will isolate the regulator) and note where the high and low gauges are sitting.  Come back in a couple to a few hours and see if they have dropped.  If they have, you probably need to rebuild the regulator as would be the source of your leak.

Title: Re: co2 issues for new kegerator owner
Post by: mark1424 on June 15, 2011, 09:03:05 am