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Title: Shooter's Sandwich
Post by: phillamb168 on July 23, 2011, 04:03:21 PM
Tomorrow, I launch a balloon into space. For this event I have made sandwiches. But not just any sandwiches. Shooters' Sandwiches. What are these strange beasts, you ask? Why only a whole boule of bread stuffed with prime rib, 200 grams of shallots and 500 grams of forest mushrooms. I also happened to have 90g of bone marrow (os a moelle) available, and so I'm throwing that in, too. Topped off with a wee bit of brandy and worchestershire sauce of course. Voila les photos:

The main ingredients...*

The required amount of butter, plus bone marrow.

Sweating the shallots, mushrooms get added later

Searing the steak, rare/medium-rare

After scooping out the inside of the bread (like a bread bowl) you layer a bit of steak, then the mushroom/shallots mixture, then a bit more steak, and finally top it with the cap of bread. Wrap in butchers' paper and twine, then let rest overnight in a cool place under pressure. In this case the "pressure" was my cast iron plancha as well as an enameled cast iron dutch oven.

The following morning...

Ready to serve! Moutarde de Beaune recommended but not required. Moutarde de Beaune is really great - imagine grey poupon with whole-grain mustard added in to cut the bite a bit.

Behold the behemoth.

We launched a balloon into space. Sadly, the tracking system failed. I didn't design the program... next time I'm in charge of tracking, and I'm insisting that we use my HAM license to xmit to APRS with a Yaesu VX-8GR.
*=Sonic screwdriver not necessary, but helpful.
Title: Re: Shooter's Sandwich
Post by: nicneufeld on July 23, 2011, 08:55:54 PM
This feels incomplete!  I love an extravagant sandwich, so make with the further details!   ;D

EDIT:  now seen after the rest of the pics were added.  Outstanding.  Halfway between a steak sandwich and a Beef Wellington.

PS., you mentioned brandy, and I was curious...are the prices modest in France for the stuff?  It's been a while since I've had calvados, and calvados is a great brandy to cook with (either adding it to the food, or to the cook...).
Title: Re: Shooter's Sandwich
Post by: euge on July 26, 2011, 08:40:14 AM

Once again I will be driven to make something. How much shallot and mushroom for two sandwiches? French musubi!
Title: Re: Shooter's Sandwich
Post by: phillamb168 on July 26, 2011, 09:45:45 AM
@nic I can get a bottle of brandy good enough to serve to guests (who don't know their brandy) and to cook with, 8 euros. Calvados I have nicer bottles of, 15 euros and up, depends where it comes from of course.

@euge the sandwich, while delicious, was a disaster. Too much of everything. I would recommend the following recipe, which basically cuts in half everything - I'll be using this the next time I make it:

100 g shallots, 30 g butter, 250 g forest mushrooms, cooked in the butter for a good while (like french onion soup). Add a bit of bone marrow if you like, but I thought it brought way too much richness.

Meat, use 500 g of either bison or venison, at least an inch thick, cooked sous vide to between rare/medium rare, 53.5 celsius for at least two hours and no more than 8. After cooking, sear in a very, very hot pan for not very much time at all lest you risk over-cooking. Let rest, then slice across the grain into thin-ish strips, or use a meat slicer. Scoop out all the stuff from inside the bread, and put in half of the sliced meat, then all of the mushroom mixture, then the rest of the sliced meat. cap with bread top, wrap in butcher's paper, tie tightly with twine, then wrap in alu foil and put under a heavy cutting board with cast iron things on top.

That's how I'm gonna do it next time anyway... Think of it like an italian beef but better.
Title: Re: Shooter's Sandwich
Post by: weazletoe on August 22, 2011, 10:49:52 PM
That looks amazing! I'm thinking it needs a good dose of cheese though. Thoughts?
Title: Re: Shooter's Sandwich
Post by: phillamb168 on August 23, 2011, 08:10:19 AM
That looks amazing! I'm thinking it needs a good dose of cheese though. Thoughts?

Try it without cheese first - it's ridiculously rich. The cheese would get lost. You could possible use a good blue cheese, Maytag for example, but I'd skip the mustard if you do that.

FWIW I use wayyy too much of everything for this sandwich. I'm planning on making another, possibly this weekend, that will be much lighter - only using one steak instead of two, using no bone marrow, and using half the required butter.