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Title: Cleaning/Sanitizing Conicals
Post by: James Lorden on September 01, 2011, 12:55:11 pm
To use Denny's term I'm a "pragmatic" brewer.  One of the best things I ever did in brewing was buy the keg cleaner/sanitizer from Morebeer (I realize this is probably an easy build for most, but there is a reason I am a CPA and not a plumber).  Anyway, cleaning and sanitizing carboys became so easy.

I just bought a conical and I was wondering if anyone has some short cuts for cleaning and sanitizing...

On the sanitation side I really don't want to do what I used to do with carboys (i.e. fill with sanitizer then drain. 14 gallons of sanitizer would be a waste).  I'm guessing people put a little sanitizer in and then shake it up but the fermenter is pretty big.

Anyway, for conical owners, whats your cleaning and sanitizing regime...
Title: Re: Cleaning/Sanitizing Conicals
Post by: hopfenundmalz on September 01, 2011, 01:32:06 pm
I clean it with a soft cleaning pad and some PBW solution mixed in the conical - a few gallons.   Rinse.  Then use a spray bottle of star san to spray all of the interior surfaces, and ports.

You do need to disassemble the ports and valves and do a deep cleaning periodically.  I am still dertermining how often that should be.  Others may have better advice.