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Title: Fresh/Wet Hop Shelf Life
Post by: wamille on September 01, 2011, 10:21:57 pm
I ordered some fresh/wet hops from a company about two months ago.  The harvest is happening within the next seven days and they will send the hops soon after.  However, I got this e-mail from the company:

"The Centennial and Simcoe fresh hops are arriving tomorrow. My concern is that with the holiday weekend and the amount of time it takes to ship orders to you that we can not guarantee that these hops will survive the trip. Please notify me asap if you would like to switch your order to overnight, make a substitute or cancel your order. The Citra is expected to arrive on Wednesday, Sept 7th and will have been harvested on Sunday, Sept 4th. They recommend using the hops within 5 days after harvest. I am uncertain you will even receive your hops within this time frame. Please email or call us regarding your order. Otherwise, I will ship tomorrow in hopes that they will make it."

I don't understand how the hops could go bad if they are vacuum sealed.  I have no experience with fresh/wet hops.  What should I do?  I live in South Korea and it could take five to seven days to get here.  Any advice is appreciated.
Title: Re: Fresh/Wet Hop Shelf Life
Post by: morticaixavier on September 02, 2011, 08:47:35 am
Even vacuum sealed the hops with moisture preasant will go bad just like any other herb or vegetable (more like herbs probably) imagine if you stuck a bunch of culinary sage in a box and mailed it half way around the world with out refrigeration.

That being said i would absoulely deal with that company again! right on them for noticing your location and thinking about how it might effect your order!

Don't know how much you are paying but it might be worth the risk. It is definatly a risk though that you would get moldy, squishy or otherwise sub-par hops.
Title: Re: Fresh/Wet Hop Shelf Life
Post by: wamille on September 02, 2011, 05:58:07 pm
Thanks for the input.  I ordered 3 lbs of hops.  I hope they get here safely.  I was told they're going to put some ice packets in the bags with the hops.