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Club Leadership & Organization / How to deter two things at my meetings
« on: August 24, 2017, 10:24:52 AM »
One of my clubs is very laid back.  There are also only about 10 people that show up to a meeting.  We meet at a local bar with a great selection of beer and pretty good food. 

Issue 1: As of late a few members (who don't usually bring in homebrew) have been bringing commercial beers to the meetings.  Most of the times they are beer that are not rarities.  This is most certainly could cause a problem with our hosts' liquor license.

Issue 2: There are folks that seem to be in a hurry to go through our tasting list then leave the meeting when we're done. In another word: Moochers.

Our club does not collect dues and has a very loose structure, with three members kind of in charge.  Do you have any ideas on how we can curb this type of thing?

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