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Only 7 days left (Fri, Jan 14th) to get your beers, meads or ciders into the 10th Anniversary  Mashout! This year we will have 45 medal categories with prizes for frist, second and third place. Apart from the great feedback you'll get from one of the most highly recognized judging regions you'll get some killer swag. Our prize committee has gone above and beyond their normal awesomeness and sequestered the biggest lot of prizes for any Mashout to date.

What kind of stuff you ask?
- Ingredients - malt extract, sacks of grain, hops and yeast coupons
- Equipment - Pumps, malt mill and various gadgets
- Cashola - Tons of gift certificates from Northern Brewer, Midwest Supplies, restaurants, etc
- Beer paraphernalia - beer signs and mirrors, T-shirts, hoodies, glassware, books, etc

So what are your odds of winning? At our current number of entries you have a 1:4 chance of winning a medal! Please note that you do not have to be in attendance to win any medals or prizes.

We also hope that you can participate in our grand banquet and awards ceremony where we'll be giving away a lot more swag in the raffle and have some really great stuff for Silent auction. The banquet costs $40 a person and all the food and beverages are included. Its a great time!

We'd love to have you help out for the UMMO also. Judges, stewards and various 'hands' people are always needed!

For more information see:

Questions please email me at,


Kristen England
UMMO Organizer

All the news outlets have been talking up the crazy Biblical weather we had in December and how it impacted everything. The Mashout is no different. Because of the bad weather and holidays, we are going to extend the registration deadline for the 2011 Mashout to January 14th, 2011.

What this means for you is:
1. You've got another week to procrastinate filling your beers.
1. Access to the Registration System won't close until 23:59 (11:59 PM) on January 14th.
2. All entries MUST BE RECEIVED no later than January 14th.

That's it. You have another week to enter and get your stuff to us!

Kristen England
2011 UMMO Organizer

Homebrew Competitions / Re: 10th Annual Upper Missippi Mashout
« on: December 15, 2010, 10:19:12 PM »
Registration opens for the 2011 Upper Mississippi Mashout this Friday December 17th and runs through January 7th 2011.

Over the past 10 years the Upper Mississippi Mashout has grown from a regional competition held in a local steak house restaurant to one of the largest competitions in the country.  The growth was not without its challenges over the years but the organizers are none worse for the wear, and are ready for another outstanding turn out at this year’s UMMO.  Fresh from hosting the AHA National Homebrew conference and competition in June 2010, the Mashout Organizing Committee is ready to raise the bar again this year.  The 2011 competition will be held January 28th and 29th at Grumpy’s in Roseville, Minnesota.  The theme this year is American Craft Beer with an American-themed banquet, commemorative beers, speakers, and events.

Jay and Lori Wince from Weasel Boy Brewing, winners of the 2010 GABF Silver Medal for their RIS and the 2005 UMMO BoS Winner, will be giving the Friday afternoon talk.  In addition, Dave Berg (aka Rocket Scientist), the head brewer of the second oldest family owned brewery in the US, August Schell Brewing, will be giving the Saturday afternoon talk.  Check out the events section of the website for additional volunteer events for this year’s competition.

Key information:
Registration opens – December 17th 2010
Entry Deadline – January 14th 2011*
Entry Fee – $8.00 per entry

*NEW* Multiple Entry Categories:
For 2011, the following categories now allow entrants to enter more than one beer per subcategory.  Two (2) 10-14 oz. bottles are required for each entry.
    * 16e - Belgian Specialty Ale
    * 17f - Sour Ale - Fruit Lambic
    * 20 - Fruit Beer
    * 21a - Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
    * 21b - Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer
    * 22b - Other Smoked Beer
    * 22c - Wood-Aged Beer
    * 23 - Specialty Beer

Best Traditional US beer Category:
This is the first year for another 'special' category. It follows the theme of beers from the United States and beers will be judged in a last-man-standing, BoS format. The top three entries will get a special prize.   Styles included in this special category are:
    * Category 1a - Light American Lager
    * Category 1b - Standard American Lager
    * Category 1c - Premium American Lager
    * Category 6a - Cream Ale
    * Category 6b - Blonde Ale
    * Category 6d - American Wheat or Rye Beer
    * Category 7b - California Common
    * Category 10 - American Ale
    * Category 13e - American Stout
    * Category 14b - American IPA
    * Category 14c - Imperial IPA
    * Category 19c - American Barleywine
    * Category 20 - Fruit Beer
    * Category 21 - Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
    * Category 22b - Other Smoked Beer
    * Category 22c - Wood-Aged Beer
    * Category 23 - Specialty Beer
Where applicable, the base beer must be a US base beer.

There is nothing one needs to do to enter this category. The best beer of these styles will be chosen as 'last man standing' on the BOS table.
The EIS-ANYTHING Category:
Enter the Eis-Anything style by brewing ANY BJCP Style of beer, and then "Eis"-ing it. Riffing on the theme of Eisbocks, any BJCP style can be iced and entered in this category. Beers will be judged on the base style as well as how the 'eising' affected the base beer.  Since Eisbock is a registered BJCP category it is excluded from this special category.

Mead, Cider, Eis Anything:
·    Brewers may enter multiple entries in the mead, cider, and Eis Anything categories.
·    Each entry must be unique.
·    Only one (1) 10-14 oz. bottle is required for each entry in the Eis Anything category.

More information can be found at  Specific questions can be directed to

MN / Minnesota Home Brewers Association - Barley John's Brewpub
« on: November 01, 2010, 09:02:54 PM »
Learn to homebrew with the MHBA at Barley John's Brewpub Saturday November 6th from 10-2PM.  

This rain or shine open-house-style event will feature free hands-on brewing demonstrations, fabulous door prizes (thanks to Northern Brewer, Midwest Supplies, and Brew & Grow), you may walk away with everything you need to brew your first batch), a chance to ask questions of seasoned homebrewers.  
Barley John's will be serving their hand-crafted beers and delicious food throughout the day in addition to the numerous homebrewed beer, mead, and ciders brought by fellow club members.

For more information email me at

Barley John's
781 Old Hwy 8
New Brighton, MN
1/2 west of 35W on CR D

Chris Smith
MHBA President

Homebrew Clubs / Re: Minneapolis HB Clubs
« on: October 15, 2010, 06:19:26 PM »

I know you said that you didn't want to join St Paul club because of the size but I would invite you to attend the Minnesota Home Brewers Club.  We are actually larger than St Paul but are a little more organized and definitely have a friendly vibe.  Our meetings are sometimes large 100+ people but the last one there were less than 20.  We have a wide range of brewers from all grain to extract to just beer lovers.  I guarantee your brewing will improve if you participate and ask questions at meetings. 
Our next meeting is Learn to Homebrew at Barley Johns.  You can find details at  Come check it out, you don't have to be a member to attend one meeting.

Chris Smith
MHBA President

PS members get 10% off at Northern Brewer & Midwest

Homebrew Competitions / 2010 Upper Mississippi Mashout
« on: November 30, 2009, 04:38:02 PM »
9th Annual Upper Mississippi Mash-Out
Over the last nine years the Upper Mississippi Mash-out has grown to be one of the top homebrew contests in the country.  In 2009 we had 869 entires by 259 brewers from 33 states.  Thanks to our generous sponsors over the years Mash-out has been able to provide a fabulous prize to every winner in each category along with a hand-made wooden chalice for the best-in-show winners for beer, mead, and cider.  This is an AHA/BJCP-sanctioned contest and is organized jointly by the St. Paul Home Brewers Club and the Minnesota Home Brewer’s Association.
The Mash-Out is the opening event in the High Plains Brewer of the Year Award 2010, the Midwest Brewer of the Year Award 2010 and the MCAB 2011.

More information is available at
Dates to remember:
Entries accepted - December 28th 2009-January 18th 2010
Judging at Grumpy's in Roseville - January 29th-30th 2010
Banquet and Awards Ceremony at Summit Brewery - Saturday, January 30th 2010
Every year we welcome judges and volunteers from all over the country.  We pamper them with specialty beers on tap, commemorative pint glasses, lunch and dinner during judging, and a commemorative beer brewed from the 2009 BOS recipe.  We will also feature speakers who will give presentations on brewing Scottish and English beers.  All skill levels are encouraged to volunteer.  This is an excellent opportunity to experience how an AHA/BJCP sanctioned competition works.  Sign up to volunteer at

Special Awards and Categories
- Separate BOS for Mead and Cider

- Yellow Snow Award - most entries

- Blizzard Award - Most points by Club

- Eis Anything Category
Hotel Information

The hotel is located across the street from this years venue.

Homebrew Clubs / 2010 NHC Club Night sign-up
« on: November 30, 2009, 04:32:51 PM »
If your club would like to participate and set up a booth for Club Night at the 2010 AHA National Conference in Minnesota.   Contact Chris Smith at with the following information:
•   Club name, city, & state
•   Club contact’s name, email, & phone
•   Do you need a space larger than 10x10?
•   Do you need a table?
•   Do you need electricity (fee may apply)?
•   Any other special club needs?
•   How many members are attending?
•   Approximately how many beers will you bring?
If you’re a smaller club and can’t man a booth by yourself we can pair you with other clubs that also want to participate. 

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