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I'm not a buyer, but 5 months later, it might be time to cut the price

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Price is negotiable for serious buyers.

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Custom Brutus 10 style ½ bbl propane brewing system

· Digital temperature controllers w/ temp probes

· Electronic automatic gas valves

· On/off/auto control switches for burners

· 2- 10” Bayou Classic banjo burners

· 15.5 gal keggle HLT w/ HERMS coil

· 15.5 gal keggle mash tun with stainless steel false bottom

· 20 gal Blichmann Boilermaker boil kettle w/ sight glass

· All stainless steel fittings and ball valves

· 2- Button operated chugger pumps; one with stainless steel head.

· Plate wort chiller

· Submicron water filtration assembly w/ electronic flow meter

· Inline aeration assembly

· 2” square tube welded frame w/ locking casters

· Adjustable propane regulator

· Mash paddle

· High temp silicone tubing

Ball lock cornelius kegs x4

5 lb CO2 tank

10 lb CO2 tank

20 lb CO2 tank

CO2 regulators

6 gallon glass carboys x3

5 gallon glass carboys x4

5 gallon plastic PET Better Bottle carboy

Immersion chillers x2

Mark II keg and carboy washer

Hop spider

Sparge arm

Plug-in temperature controllers x2

Dual tap tower and tubing assembly

Lab refrigerator (fermentation chamber) – cools to fermenting temperatures but not below – may just need refrigerant recharge

Various Miscellaneous Equipment

Stir plates

Erlenmeyer flasks

Carboy handles

Carboy bungs

Carboy drying stands

Air locks



pH meter



Large pots

Brew spoons

Bottle cappers

Misc. fittings


Water salts

+ many more odds and ends

$6000 for all

Email or text only please: 404-216-2403

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